“CLOU is a very personal restaurant and We desire to make our guests feel at home”.

The personal touch is important. From personal art on the walls, to the Chef’s grand parents’ silverware on the beautiful set tables.

The food and wine combinations have been the key at the restaurant since the beginning. In fact, it is what’s most important at CLOU. Highly unusually the starting point is the wine, and then after the food is matched.

Even more unusual; in Copenhagen – the cradle of Nordic Cuisine – the CLOU cuisine is not Nordic but inspired by the Southern European Cuisine. In fact, you could call it Mediterranean.

Chef Jonathan K. Berntsen is taught in France and techniques used at CLOU are mostly of French, Italian and Spanish origin, though he also takes great pride in using the best of Danish produce in his cooking, being very oriented to the outstanding fresh sea produce of the Danish region.

Amongst pleased food critics CLOU is in general described as a restaurant being “classic with an unusual, extraordinary twist”.

“It is with the greatest pleasure that We at CLOU, can welcome You as Our guest”