CLOU seats 12 guests only for a formidable 9 servings set menu paired with  six top champagnes to celebrate life.

Of course we always have excellent sherrys in the cooler and a couple of classic whites and reds as well.

Chef Jonathan K. Berntsen and his sous chef Jan Czartoryski wants to serve all tables themselves, making sure their guests get exactly the experience they deserve. Thats why CLOU has no “waiters”.

The intention is simple; since tastings and selecting the wine is done by me, knowing its character to perfection, then why not serve and convey its synergy with the food to our guests myself too. From day one Clou has been all about the food and wine in symbiosis, precisely equally weighted. In fact, we always select the wines before creating the dishes. This devotion to pairing has been acknowledged with numerous awards such as the Copa Jerez 2013 and again at the Copa Jerez 2019; the most prestigious international competition in food and wine pairing. 

I would describe our food at Clou as classic, mostly French, not too experimenting, but with a twist. Most of our seafood, game and vegetables are locally sourced in Denmark, however we are not restricted by our own nor any other region; quality and taste are paramount, e.g. lemons from The Amafi Coast simply tastes better.


Jonathan K. Berntsen